'Bullied kids are worse off today'

'Bullied kids are worse off today'

Anti-bullying campaigner Jodie Marsh has told This Morning presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that kids today are worse off when it comes to bullying.

The model and body builder was speaking about her new documentary programme Bullied which looks at how the issue is dealt with in America.

She said: "It's much worse for kids now."

"I fell so sorry for kids now because when I was being bullied at school we didn't have all these social networking sites. When I went home (from school) I was safe, that was my safe place but kids don't have that now.

"It's on their phones, their laptops, their computers and it's everywhere and you can't escape it."

Jodie has spoken in the past about her own experiences of being bullied in school. She also admitted that as a result she had considered taking her own life.

I personally don't think government policy on bullying is enough, we need more.

Jodie Marsh, anti-bullying campaigner

"As a young person at school you think there's nothing more out there, you think this is your life. You think you are never gonna have friends, you're never gonna be liked, you're always gonna be picked on and you just don't realise that there is a whole big wide world out there that actually is a lovely place," she said.

"And when you're in that moment thinking it's never gonna get better, that's when you will have the suicidal thoughts because you think: Wwhat's the point in being here.'"

After seeing firsthand how bullying is dealt with in the US Jodie said she is determined to see the same polices adopted in the UK.

"In many places in America it's actually illegal to bully, which was incredible to see.

"I met a woman who had just come from the court and she had had an injunction taken out against her son's bullies and they were no longer allowed to come anywhere near her son, which was just amazing because obviously we don't have anything like that in the UK."


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