Breaking point for Nick and Leanne

Breaking point for Nick and Leanne

As Coronation Street's Nick and Leanne Tilsely realise they might not be able to save their marriage, actress Jane Danson admits her character has become "a bit lost".

As Nick struggled to recover from the horrific car crash which left him with brain damage, events cumulated on Christmas Day when he was unable to control his emotions and ended up hitting his wife in front of both their families.

But despite the upset and embarrassment she felt, Leanne was determined to fight for her marriage and was hopeful when Nick started to train with newcomer Kal, in a bid to improve his situation.

And while the pair have both been making the effort, it soon becomes clear they might be a lost cause when Nick showers Leanne with affection and she is very distant.

Jane explained: "They have a couple of moments where they have a bit of a cuddle but it is mainly through duty on Leanne's part.

"And then he takes it a little step further, it's been a while since they were intimate and it is a little bit more forward than Leanne would like so she makes excuses, she even uses Hayley's death as one of the reasons why she isn't feeling up to it.

"The physical and emotional side of it has gone for her, she simply feels likes his carer.

After the events of Christmas Day, Leanne is still very wary of her husband's actions, something that deeply pains Nick.

"She never knows what mood he is going to be in," said Jane. "She can walk through the door and he is happy go lucky, but the same day he can go into a vile mood and snap at her.

"She is also protective of Simon and she doesn't want to be around that anymore."

Nick is ultimately the one who puts his hands up and says "we have got to split up.

Jane Danson (Leanne Tilsely)

And while it is Nick who is making the effort, he knows Leanne is rejecting him because she doesn't feel the same way about him anymore and decides they need to address their issues.

"But even at that moment and even though she knows it is the right decision she desperately doesn't want to fail again, she has tried so hard and doesn't want to walk away again."

Matters are made worse when Nick injures himself while training with Kal and his unstable moods come to the forefront once again.

"He just gets a bit vocal, he falls and he cuts himself and she fusses a little bit and he explodes at her and tells her to leave him alone.

"But he waves his hands around a lot when he gets angry and she is really wary of him.

"They eventually sit down and talk about it, no shouting; they are both just resigned to it really. They do love each other so it is really sad.

"I think she feels a bit lost. I feel a bit lost for her because I don't know what is going to happen to her, but in some ways that is nice as it is a new chapter for the character.

"The history is always there, she always has a point of reference. But I would like to see her get her inner strength back. The fire in her belly, the Battersby two fingers to the world."


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