Belfast parallel parking goes viral

Belfast parallel parking goes viral

Parallel parking can be tricky at the best of times, but with an audience watching your every move - and providing the running commentary - it gets that little bit harder, as one young woman in Belfast found out.

The driver in question spent 15 minutes trying to park in south Belfast last week, and then another 15 minutes once some students started filming her efforts out the window of their apartment.

To laughter and her audience's unique style of encouragement, the driver persevered long after many people would have given up and started looking for a different parking spot.

"Go on, ye girl, ye!" the students, all from North Antrim, hollered.

Speaking to UTV almost a week - and nearly 800,000 YouTube hits - later, the students behind the now viral video admitted they might not have fared any better.

I couldn't have done it myself under that pressure!

Conor Garry

"One of the boys went down to help her out and she was having none of it," Conor Garry said, explaining that fellow student Ciaran Doherty had then seized the chance to take the video.

But they're hoping there are no hard feelings.

"If she is out there anywhere, come in for a wee cup of tea and a chat. No harm done," Eoghan Patterson grinned.

And yes, the car did get parked - in the end.


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