Baby news for Corrie's Peter

Baby news for Corrie's Peter

Coronation Street's Peter Barlow is dealt a double blow when wife Carla finally reveals she is pregnant and Tina McIntyre admits she could also be expecting his baby.

Never one to make life easy, Peter has been juggling his work life and family life, but also got involved with barmaid Tina."He is struggling a bit," said actor Chris Gascoyne, who plays Peter."He's got the factory, he's got (son) Simon, he's running around all over the place, he's got Carla and then he's got Tina on the side."So he is making his life more and more complicated and he's trying to get through it the best way he can."Events unfold when a distraught Carla shares her news to a shocked Peter, but he does eventually come around to the idea.He resolves to end things with Tina, only for her to drop another bombshell..."It's even more of a shock to come from Tina when he finds out that she might be pregnant as well, on the same day, so that kind of takes away all the excitement that Peter may have had about being a dad. It pulls the rug from under his feet."He is very cruel to Tina when she tells him, and that's only through fear. He is kind of angry with her."Unable to deal with the situation he finds himself in, the recovering alcoholic copes the only way he knows how."He doesn't know what to do, he can't sort it out so of course he goes and has a drink," explains Chris.As Peter gets more and more drunk he soon comes across his guardian angel in the shape of Steve McDonald."Peter has called a taxi and Steve turns up. Peter thinks this is great, that they are going to go nightclubbing and this and that, but by then Peter is actually legless. He's fallen over a table, he is blind drunk so Steve books him into a hotel. And they end up in bed together."He tells Steve everything, I think he needs to unload it, to get it off his chest to lessen that guilt."Steve really doesn't want to know, but now he does know it has put Steve in a position."With Carla pregnant with their first child and Tina possibly expecting another, how will Peter deal with everything in the upcoming months?"There is a lot more drama to come, it is worse than I ever thought the outcome could be. He has got back to where he was years ago, you would have thought he would have learned the lesson, but he is back to where he was."He has made a real mess of it and it is getting worse."Coronation Street is broadcast on UTV every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm.


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