Are wives to blame for cheating husband?

Are wives to blame for cheating husband?

TV presenter Anthea Turner sparked controvery recently after claiming she felt responsible for her husband's alleged affair.

With this in mind, This Morning presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby asked should women ever take the blame for their husband's infidelities.

Journalist Angela Epstein agrees with Anthea's point of view and strongly believes women need to make husbands feel loved to stop them from straying.

She believes men are 'emotionally simple' and can't be blamed for their transgressions.

She said: "Our biology is so different. I personally believe men are essentially hardwired to cheat their biology makes them more vulnerable to temptation.

"They're much more stimulated by what they see in front of them, they see a girl who looks absolutely gorgeous they think 'wow, how fantastic.'

"Obviously there are men who reel in their instinct and apply reason but the fact is I think they are more vulnerable to playing away because they are emotionally squeamish," she added.

Men are essentially hardwired to cheat.

Angela Epstein, Journalist

Fellow journalist Alley Einstein disagreed completely and said the only person who is ever at fault is the cheat.

She said Anthea Turner's comments are 'irresponsible' and asked what kind of message is that to send to young women.

"I think it's outrageous to argue that men are hard wired to have affairs - we are in the 21st Century," she said.

"Marriage is about respect and ultimately the bottom line has to be that you must respect each other - for better or for worse.

"What message are we sending our daughters?"


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