Are kids too young to compete in BGT?

Are kids too young to compete in BGT?

Veteran entertainer Sir Bruce Forsyth has claimed children should not be allowed to take part in television shows like Britain's Got Talent, because it can be an "ordeal" which reduces them to tears.

Saturday night's instalment of the hit talent series saw a lot of young acts thrilled to impress the judges and make it through to the next round - including Irish lads Jack Duff and Cormac Connell.

Younger still were many of those from dance troop Pre-Skool, while Youth Creation also featured children all aged under 14.

Impressive as the young acts were, nerves were an issue and tears may not have been far away.

"I don't think that's entertainment," Sir Bruce said, referring to children who may be upset by the process or if they are not successful.

"I don't think they should put children on that are too young."

You hear of school sports days where there are no winners, it's just everyone taking part. Lovely, but the trouble is there are winners and losers in the real world.

Phillip Schofield

But BGT judge Amanda Holden has rubbished the 85-year-old's comments, hitting out against the "nanny state".

She added: "Yes, it's our responsibility to look after children while they are doing the show, but it's also the parents' responsibility."

Discussing the row on This Morning, Stephen Mulhern from Britain's Got More Talent read out a statement from the makers of the show, Talkback Thames.

"The welfare of the contestants is our number one priority and we have stringent procedures in place in relation to children who appear on our programmes," it said.

Stephen, who started performing magic tricks at a young age, added: "In my opinion, if the parents say yes ... they should be allowed.

"As a young performer myself - if you don't get the chance, you never learn."

Previously, little Jordan Nash - aged just five - wowed the judges and was put through to the next round of the talent competition after showing off his dancing skills.


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