Are jungle duo Joey and Amy an item?

Are jungle duo Joey and Amy an item?

TOWIE's Joey Essex is back from the Australian jungle to talk to This Morning about missing out on the I'm A Celebrity crown - and it's not long before the conversation turns to a certain Miss World model, Amy Willerton, so are they or aren't they a couple?

Joey's barely made himself comfortable on the sofa before the first "me and Amy reference", prompting Phillip Schofield to quickly chip in.

"I think we all did," Joey said first, talking about how the campmates struggled with the lack of food.

"Especially me and Amy. We ate the most and we always wanted to eat and always tried to take the scrapings and that."

"On the subject of getting the scrapings ..." Phillip said casually. "Are you and Amy an item?"

"Erm, no. We're just close friends," Joey said, with a little smile.

Even though she's beautiful, she's a nice, genuine girl.

Joey Essex, about campmate Amy

But neither Phillip nor Holly were too convinced.

"You answer me right now, Joey Essex," Phillip said in his best stern interviewer voice. "Have you kissed her?"

The question prompted a grin and a look away.

"That's a yes, Joey," Holly smiled.

"Nooo, don't be silly ..."

"Joey, you've so kissed her!"

The reality star admits he does want to get to know the model better though, but insists they haven't had a proper date - yet.

"I'll look forward to that," he added.

He might even show up on time if they do plan something, demonstrating his new skills with Holly's watch. And it didn't even have any numbers on it or anything. Reem!


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