Adoption 'open to so many people'

Adoption 'open to so many people'

As presenter of new series Wanted: A Family Of My Own, Nicky Campbell is eager to dispel the myths surrounding adoption.

The programme - which debuts on UTV on Thursday at 9pm - aims to explore the realities of modern day adoption in the UK and follows the searches of people desperate to become parents, as well as children who have suffered the toughest of starts in life.Speaking to This Morning, Nicky explained that people tend to be unaware of the requirements to become an adoptive parent. "I think people think that it's very restrictive as to who can adopt," he said. "You can be rich, you can be poor, you can be gay, you can be straight, you can be single, you can be on benefits - it's open to so many people."I think people think, "Oh is not for me", but love works wonders doesn't it?"And we are nurturers and when a child comes into your home and becomes your child's just magical."Nicky was himself adopted by his parents in the 1960s and agrees that the process of adopting a child is very different today than it would have been back then."I'm kind of there as a museum relic of what adoption used to be like," he joked.Referring to the relationship he has with his adoptive mother and father, Nicky explained to Phillip and Holly: "One you your lovely researchers asked me about my real mother, and that always jolts me a little bit because she meant my birth mother, but my real mother - and a lot if adopted people feel like this - is my adoptive mother."My real mum and dad are my adoptive mum and dad because they looked after me, they loved me, they brought me up, and they gave me a fantastic life and a wonderful opportunity in life."It's good to know where you came from, but the really important thing, the thing that makes you, is mum and dad."Wanted: A Family Of My Own airs on UTV on Thursday at 9pm.


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