A culture shock for Emmerdale's David

A culture shock for Emmerdale's David

Emmerdale's David is in for a "culture shock" as the mother of his child, Priya Sharma, decides to embark on an arranged marriage.

Not wanting to be alone following the birth of baby Amba and understanding that her former fiancé is in love with Alicia, Priya asked her father to help her find a husband.

Now the charming Rakesh has arrived in the Dales and it seems he will be the one the single mother chooses.

But what will David make of the happy news?

"It's quite a delicate thing because David doesn't understand about arranged marriages, it's a completely alien concept to him," actor Matthew Wolfenden told This Morning.

"It's a total different culture, so you got to be very sensitive about it, but it's been written really well and it's quite funny in places as well.

"It's quite a big deal, I don't think it's ever been done on a soap before."

David is about to find out just what Priya's got planned for her future, but will there be a pang of jealousy when he finds out the truth?

Matthew said: "I don't think there's going to be any jealousy in terms of his feelings for Priya anymore, I think his feelings for Priya are solely that she is the mother of his child.

"I think the jealousy is going to come from Rakesh being involved with his daughter's life in a massive way."

With David unhappy and brother Jai fuming his sister is going to marry his business rival, it appears Priya's love life will not be without its drama.

Emmerdale airs on UTV weekdays from 7pm.


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