Do ghosts exist?

Published Friday, 15 March 2013
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Supernatural Week has drawn to a close on This Morning, but not before presenters Eamon Holmes and Ruth Lansford ask the question which has been debated for centuries - do ghosts exist?

Do ghosts exist?
The panel debate the age old question - do ghosts exist? (© Ken McKay)


Do you think ghosts exist?
Do you think ghosts exist?

Sammi Woodward would argue they do as she claims she has suffered numerous scares at the ghostly hands of a spirit in her own home.

She would often find dog hairs around the house despite not having any pets, and says when her son started crawling he would be seen chasing something that wasn't there.

The most terrifying occurrences have been happening at night.

"It just started off as bumps and bangs really, and I just put it down to being in a new home because you have to get used to the noises," she said.

You feel like you're going mad.

Sammi Woodward

"When I put my son to bed I always turn the lights off and close the door. But then I would hear him crying and go up stairs and the light is on and the door is open.

"That happened three times during the same night. It would happen again every couple of weeks after that, so I started putting him in my bedroom," she added.

Things got so bad that Sammi eventually moved out of her home.

"You feel like you're going mad, thinking 'oh I must have left the light on' or 'I must have left the door open,'" she said.

99% of the time we can find a rational explanation for what's going on.

Cal Cooper, Parapsychologist

A This Morning survey revealed 14% of people claim to have seen an apparition, and most people would proclaim to believe in ghosts.

Parapsychologist and sceptic Cal Cooper is not one of them.

"If I was in Sammi's position, I would have got someone in to check the electrics and also personally check the door to see if there was something wrong with it to see if it shut properly," he said.

"99% of the time we can find a rational explanation for what's going on."

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