Dad shoots child's laptop on Facebook

Published Sunday, 19 February 2012
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A video posted by an irate father, in which he shoots his daughter's laptop for comments she wrote on Facebook about her parents, has caused uproar online, gaining over 27m views in ten days.

The video's creator, Tommy Jordan, decided to make the video after seeing a comment written by his 15-year-old daughter Hannah on Facebook titled 'To my parents' in which she criticises her parents and how they treat her.

Hannah did not think her parents would be able to see the post due to her privacy settings but the father was able to see them through an account set up in the name of the family's dog.

In the post, the daughter complains that her parents make her do excessive chores around the house and that she will not want to help them in their old age because she claims they treat her like 'a slave'.

In response, the father decided to create a video which he would then post on her Facebook wall for her friends to see in which he reads her post aloud before responding to each point in turn.

He states how disappointed he is to read the note and how disrespectful he finds her towards her elders.

He then proclaims that he will 'put a stop to it' before lifting the camera and filming himself shooting his daughter's laptop with a .45 handgun.

He starts by shooting 6 bullets into the laptop before stopping to explain that Hannah's mother had asked him to 'put one in there for her'.

After emptying his magazine, he says he hopes she's learnt her lesson before the video finishes.

The video spread rapidly around the web, hitting over 24m views in one week, stirring strong responses from viewers. Online commenters have described his actions as 'excessive', 'childish' and 'crazy' amongst others. Equally, he has gained strong support from some parents, with one commenting "Way to go Dad!! Don't let your teen run all over you like a lot of other parents are doing . I back you up 100%".

Teenage angst or gross disrespect, were his actions excessive?

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