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'Lay petty differences aside' - Eileen Paisley

The widow of Ian Paisley has called on Northern Ireland’s politicians to “lay their petty differences aside” and work together to resolve the ongoing crisis at Stormont and keep intact the institutions which her husband once fought hard to piece together.

Police appeal over missing couple

Police in Lurgan are asking for help from the public in finding two young people who are believed to have boarded a train to Dublin on Monday and have not been seen since.

UDA says it ‘will not leave stage’

The Ulster Defence Association has said it still exists and will not be going away, amid ongoing efforts to assess the structure of any paramilitary bodies still operating in Northern Ireland.

Dead whale washes up on NI beach

Beach-goers at Portstewart Strand had a nasty surprise on Monday as the washed-up carcass of a 30ft whale interrupted the normally picturesque view of the sea.

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